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5 Korean Shows To Watch On Netflix: Let's Do This


You're at home, there is no boss looking over your shoulder and you can sneakily have an extra window open streaming Netflix, but you then have a plethora of shows to choose from... a real first world problem - what to watch?

If you've exhausted all the trending, old favourites and have just finished watching the office for the 60th time, well then perhaps it's time to take a deep dive into the foreign-language section and find something new? Here are our top shows to get you kickstarted.

#1 Something in the Rain

An understated romance series, which focuses on the stigma of an older woman and a young man's journey through love and the issues that arise with each other's families, friends and their' own insecurities.

Genre: Romance 



#2 Crash Landing On You

A South Korean heiress ends up in North Korea following a paragliding accident and falls into the life of an army officer, who has a difficult decision to make - will he help her hide or not?

Genre: Romance 



#3 Kingdom

Set in medieval Korea, a reclusive King leads the scholars of the kingdom to believe he may be dead, and his clan are concealing the truth while a mysterious plague is overtaking the land - packed with action and mystery.

Genre: Violence, Action, Period



#4 Weightlifting Fair - Kim Bok-Joo

A competitive swimmer crosses paths with his childhood friend who is a rising weight lifting star, and soon realises she has a secret crush on his cousin.

Based on breaking down traditional stereotypes of what a woman should be in Korean culture.

Genre: Romance, Light-hearted



#5 My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Bullied for her looks, forced into plastic surgery with the hope of a better life she finds new challenges in College.

A sentimental and feel-good show that focuses on building awareness that outer-beauty doesn't always fix the problems in your life, and making sure you're happy inside too.

Genre: Romance, Light-hearted, Feel-Good


Hopefully, you'll enjoy mixing it up, or adding these to your "Watch List" - if you've got any of your own suggestions just let us know in the comments below!

Happy Slacking,
Love Vitamasques.


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