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Glorious Glossybox Recap

We had a blast at the Glossybox event at Clerkenwell Grind.

We had a great chat with Becca from Fashion Train, educating on how frequently you can use masks and what's good for what skin type. We made some personal recommendations to her about what would be perfect for her skin and talked more in-depth about UK/Korean beauty trends.

We also met up with Megan from Regenerate dentistry and Abbi from Lord & Berry. After chatting a while we got into some serious blogging/vlogging/social media conversations with Amena (Youtube) and Glossybox themselves. Speaking about keeping audiences and customers engaged and how we can all start utilising social media in smarter ways to learn what our customers want and what they don't want! For example, we asked you guys about fragrances in your cosmetics a month ago and the feedback was incredibly insightful and has informed us  as a brand and we're going to make things YOU want... rather than telling you what to like. A revolution is happening? Perhaps!

The event was full of some huge names in the beauty and lifestyle circles, Nicole Corrales, Ellie Jarrett and The Style Sisters were there and everyone seemed very hyped for the mask we provided for this month's Glossybox. Which, for everyone who hasn't seen yet (where have you been?!), is our Multivitamin mask; a perfect blend of B vitamins and moisturising factors to give your skin a youthful and healthy glow. It's a fab mask for daily use, nothing too heavy, nothing too harsh. Just good, simple ingredients.

Also a special thanks to Dee's Basement for the incredibly delicious valentines themed cupcake decorating sesh! Whoever knew cramming candyfloss and a cookie onto a cupcake could be so therapeutic? 


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