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How to fit Korean Skincare Into Your Routine, The Easy Way.

We just want to chat with you a sec, show you the ropes when it comes to K-Beauty routines because we’re around this stuff every day and honestly, sometimes we forget about what it was like to be total beginners at this kind of thing. You’ve heard of the K-Beauty routines by now, but what does it all really entail, and how can you get the best results? Well, here’s the low-down.


  • Oil Cleanser

To remove makeup and dirt

  • Water-Based Cleanser

To remove impurities that cause breakouts.

  • Cleanse/Detox

Chemical is best, to avoid micro-tears in the skin.

  • Toner

Repair skin’s barrier*

  • Essence

Is a lightweight, super-hydrating serum.

  • Treatments

Targeted for your skin type (e.g. hyaluronic acid for dry or niacinamide for problem skin)

  • Sheet Masks

This is where we come in - relax for 20 with a nourishing mask.

  • Eye Cream / Pads

To soothe and de-puff.

  • Moisturiser

Introduce extra moisture back into the skin.

  • SPF

The most important part for daytime usage, don’t forget it!

*Asian toners introduce moisture, opposed to Western toners which further strip oil and dirt.

It’s really important not to just jump straight into a full 10-step routine, your skin will feel very overwhelmed and so will your bank balance! The best method is to add one product at a time, slowly building your collection and finding out what your skin really needs.

It’s based on the idea of giving your skin absolutely everything it needs, without mixing all the products together, which can confuse and unbalance your skin (*ahem* throwback to your ex-boyfriend’s 6-in-1 shower gel, YIKES). This routine ensures all the right products are absorbed in the right time, allowing certain products to lock other products in - because obviously, cleansing after moisturising just doesn’t make sense!

To make sure you find yourself the perfect mask routine, we’ve devised a plan to suit any budget and any skincare needs. 

It’s very important to give your skin time to become used to your new routine, small breakouts (especially when using charcoal-based products) are common in the first couple of days - but persevere and you will have that enviable Korean glass skin effect in no time. 


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