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How to indulge in a moment of self-care

Fani Mari
Written by Fani Mari

I’m a Greek-born London-based beauty journalist and content creator. I’m obsessed with skincare so you’re probably going to find me masking or re-applying my sunscreen while catching up on my favourite TV shows.


Self-care is essential in the best of times, so that it serves you and supports you in the worst of times and I think within a pandemic is when we need it the most. Everyone is more stressed than normal and stress is the cause of every issue in our bodies and minds, excessive levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) cause issues like breakouts, bad sleep, hormonal imbalances, weight gain. Though we may not be able to control what’s happening in the world, we can control our routines a little bit! I’d like to share how I’ve been keeping sane and what I do for self-care that works for me and hopefully you might get some ideas too!

Introducing yin yoga

Yin yoga is the mild yoga practice that stretches muscles and wakes up the body. It’s not meant to be painful or strenuous, it’s more of a stretching and re-setting of the body. I have been practicing (virtually) with Abi Taugwalder, yoga coach and founder of Abi’s Journal. I asked her to share some simple moves we can all use to de-stress daily:

“Stress creates shortness of breath (upper chest breathing), indigestion, and instability/feeling lost”

  1. Sit in seiza: on your shins, bring arms into prayer behind you (towards your back), close your eyes and follow your breath - this calms the breath, opens the chest and brings circulation to digestive area.
  2. Sit in child’s pose: from seiza bring your arms forward lay your forehead on the mat, bring your arms to the front of the body, looking backwards. Breathe deeply in this forward flexion. It gives a great sense of security and belonging, calms the mind, relaxes shoulders, which get tense with stress.

Taking a bath


It may not seem like much and it doesn’t work for everyone, but for me taking a long, warm bath is instantly calming. I don’t take them as often as I’d like but even once a week makes a big difference in my mood and how well I sleep.


Alongside the bath ritual, masking is a great way to take a moment for yourself and de-stress. Lately I’ve been looking for soothing masks, like the Aloe Vera or the Manuka Honey that are super juicy and hydrating.

Self-care with others


When my friends or partner come over, I will usually offer them a face mask. Now, even though I can’t have friends over, I still call them and we can mask together, virtually. The self care kit is a great way to connect.

Reading a book

I love watching shows and movies but I’m trying to get into the habit of reading in the morning while drinking my tea/coffee, instead of going straight into a screen.


Sleeping well doesn’t come naturally to me and I need more sleep than the average person! I’m trying to fix my sleeping pattern and have a good sleep routine so I can function well during the day.

Moving my body

Whether that’s a walk to the park or a workout, moving my body helps so much with my mood and overall well-being, so I consider it a part of a good self-care routine.


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