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Back to School Skincare: Quick and Easy Essentials to Live by

As summer winds down and the reality of homework and exams slowly creep back upon you, there is one thing you can make sure you've prepped for is your skincare routine.

We've got some golden rules to introduce to your daily routine:

#1 Cleansing


It's not the most fun part, but it is essential and will give your skin a fighting chance of reducing problem skin concerns such as acne or oil build-up leading to blocked pores.

What's our secret tip to fighting this? Gommage Peeling Gels. Have you ever heard of these? or tried them before? No, then you've been missing out on a gentle and easy way to exfoliate your skin of dirt, build up and other nasty stuff.

You apply onto dry skin and rub circular motions until you see balls of dirt, skin particles, oil start peeling off. Then all you have to do is wash-off for soft, cleansed and radiant skin.

#2 Sheet Mask


We're not biased or anything, but we do love (read: adore) masking here and for multiple reasons. They are something you can slot into your morning routine for a complete facial preparation or a targeted boost with eye pads.

#3 Moisturise & SPF


A daily moisturiser is key in any routine, with our increased daily exposure to phones something like our Super Bamboo Daily Moisturiser with blue light protection is a must-have.

If you've read any skincare articles before, then you know this already buuuut SPF indoors, outdoors and even when you think you're covered - this is the number 1 thing that will cause ageing effects and protect your skin.


BONUS TIP: Changing Sheets & Touch Your Face Less


We're not talking about masks this time, we promise. We are talking about your bed sheets and pillows. Just because they look clean, don't be fooled. Every night we apply a nice layer of oil, dirt and skin debris into them, and that's why morning and evening cleansing are a must.

Secondly, touch your face less often and this rule applied before COVID and is an even better practice now.

PS. Drink water more too! Sounding more and more like my mum these days, "it's for your own good". Okay, you get it, we get it. We hope these tips can help you out and set your year off on the right foot.


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