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Four Skincare Additions that Work for Everyone Regardless of Skin Type…

You don’t have to be a skin care enthusiast to agree there are way too many products available on the market right now. Every few weeks a new trend pops up or a new ingredient that’s apparently going to give you that perfect (mind you though, no one’s skin is perfect – unless its airbrushed!!) envy-inducing complexion.

From bloggers to skin experts to the brands themselves we're constantly inundated with new information and tips and routines that only make things more confusing.

There are however some things that EVERYONE – regardless of age or skin type or gender could do with incorporating into their routines –whether it’s to maximise the results of existing products or just give your skin that much-needed boost, keep reading to see 4 power ingredients that are sure to benefit everyone and anyone’s skin...

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Hyaluronic Acid

This has surged in popularity over the last few years and its universal suitability is probably responsible for that. Hyaluronic acid is made naturally in our bodies to maintain moisture levels in our skin but things such as the environment, stress and ageing mean the amount produced varies from person to person and often needs replenishing – the fact that 50% of the amount in our bodies is found within the skin means few people ever complain of side effects whilst using it topically.

Mature and dry skin probably benefits the most from HA as they need the added moisture the most. To make the most out of it it’s best applied on damp skin in toner or serum form – feel free to use either tap water or your fave face mist to dampen your face, before following up with another moisturiser to lock it all in. This is because if hydration isn’t added for the acid to use – it ends up using moisture from lower levels of skin which reduces it effects.

If your skin is on the more oily-combination side of things it helps massively by adding moisture without stressing out your oil levels (which leads to more oil) which a lot of products for oily skin actually end up doing. Try using it in serum form after your toner but before your moisturiser.

As for all those people with acne and sensitive skin, the antioxidants found in Hyaluronic will naturally soothe away the redness and inflammation reducing the effects of both. HA face creams probably work best on these skin types. 

PHA's or Poly-hydroxy acids

Don’t let the name scare you off this one – it’s one of the gentlest yet effective chemical exfoliators available right now. Unlike AHA’s and BHA's there’s almost zero chance of this causing any irritation to your skin. It will still work to smooth and exfoliate the skin but in a gentler way. It’s also the only exfoliating acid that doesn’t cause sun sensitivity - rather it blocks out the sun’s rays and works as a mild SPF!

Acne prone skin can benefit from this as it’s naturally anti-inflammatory. It’s great as it won’t stress skin out as much as other exfoliating acids do.

Sensitive skin types will LOVE PHA in products as unlike every other acid it’s not going to irritate their skin but still give the results of a stronger product!

As for mature, drier and ageing skin –, You’ll probably be glad to know it comes with built-in anti-ageing properties - It stimulates epidermal growth to give jumper more hydrated skin with less fine lines as and fights glycation (aka. ageing) – the natural process that weakens the skins collagen bonds and elastin production.

The fact that it exfoliates away your dead skin also means you’ll have gorgeous glowy, smooth skin!

Grapeseed Oil

This one is available as a standalone product aka - pure cold pressed oil, as well as an ingredient in loads of products.

The fact that it’s super affordable and can be applied straight onto the skin like a moisturiser makes it an easy option for everyone. It contains twice as much Vitamin E, an ingredient you’ll find in practically every eye cream, like olive oil. It reduces the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and even minor scars. It’s super lightweight and sinks into the skin within seconds making it a great base for makeup.

It’s also pretty well known for firming and tightening skin, so over time you’ll definitely notice a more lifted, firm face. Acne prone people will also appreciate its ability to remove marks and minor scars and evening out skin tone.This is great for oily skin types – it has high amounts of linoleic acid which both unclogs pores and can help with reducing their appearance. People with dry and/or ageing skin can benefit from its collagen boosting properties and its awesome ability to retain moisture.

Last but not least...


Rosehip Oil

If you’ve not seen the hype around rosehip oil I’ll fill you in – it was made famous and blew up after numerous celebs claimed it was the secret to their glowy, hydrated, plump skin and since then people have been raving about it. Whilst there’s no scientific evidence to actually back these claims up the internet is filled with peoples before and after shots documenting transformations that have taken place in as little as a week.

Rosehips are the “seeds” of roses – or what’s left of the flower after the petals have dropped off the pollinated flower. They’re a beautiful autumnal red, but smell nothing like the flower once the oil has been squished out. Pure, unrefined rosehip has an orange colour – which disappears after it’s sunk into your skin. Most people would recommend applying a generous amount at night – the retinoid found in rosehip are broken down by sunlight so its best applied after the sun has gone down; and used in place of or after a moisturiser if you feel your skin could do with the extra boost Acne-prone users will find this helps massively with scar reduction and prevents the formation of new blemishes.

This is because it contains a form of natural retinol which is often used in acne medications and spot creams. As opposed to other spot and acne treatments however this one won’t dry out skin and there’s no chance of it clogging pores.

The retinol in this is also what makes it great for ageing skin. The high levels of anti-oxidants also play a massive role in this power oil’s ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as preventing their early onset. It’s also mega high in Omegas and fatty acids making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

    So there you have it – four, universally suitable skincare additions. They’re all super easy to use – while the oils work best when used in their pure and cold pressed form, there are an uncountable amount of products containing both Hyaluronic Acid and PHA’s, at all price points and in every form and formula you can imagine so you can pick and choose what you think will work best for you.


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