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Self-Care Rituals: Lifestyle & Habitual Changes You Can Make

Pouring myself a cup of tea, slipping on a sheet mask and closing my eyes to the sound of a podcast. Some days, this is what self-care feels like to me. Other days it’s deep cleaning my workspace, walking on the farm or setting out trays to grow seedlings in Spring. This journey through slow living, mindful moments and exploration has led me to really understand that self-care can be so many different things.


It’s about understanding what you need (in mind, body and soul) at that moment in time. And today, I needed myself a moment of calm before tumbling into a bustling Friday of work.



A cup of turmeric-infused tea followed by Vitamasques Aloe Vera Hydro Jelly Mask to start the day. I’m a big fan of multi-step masks so I love that this starts by tearing off the top to apply the jelly as a cooling, refreshing serum. After patting this into my skin, the sheet mask smooths on. I want to say that I then read a book or sat myself down for some meditation but the reality is that I took a 25 minute power nap. That’s what my body needed in that moment (no matter how much it doesn’t fit the self-care aesthetic we’ve all come to expect online). I woke up feeling ready to tackle my to-do list with super hydrated and soothed skin. Plus, with the added Vitamin C, I’ll be starting my weekend with a radiant complexion. These sheet masks are the thin translucent kind so they sit comfortably on the skin and don’t slip down your face. The jelly formulation that the sheet is soaked in is non-dripping which is much appreciated. I would have been happy to bake a tray of cookies wearing this. There’s still quite a lot of the aloe jelly serum left in the pack so true to my style, this will be saved for tonight’s and tomorrow morning’s skincare routine.

Made in South Korea, Vitamasques provide cruelty-free and paraben-free sheet masks using top skin beneficial ingredients (particularly the superfood kind) and innovative formulations.

Vitamasques Sleep In Egg Mask

Vitamasques Gold Sheet Mask Collection

I was most impressed with their Sleep In Masks. Adorably packaged embracing the foodie beauty trend, these little pods come with a miniature spatula to mix the two formulations. There’s a gel around the outside of the pod and a creamy texture packed with all the key ingredient goodness at the centre. They’re the Kinder Surprise of skincare! Mix it up, apply to skin (there’s enough product to take it down your neck) and let it sink in overnight. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamins B, C and E, the avocado was my first pick - a superfood favourite. There are also mango, pearl powder and egg protein versions in the range.

Exploring slow beauty has been a journey of mine for this year. Finding pockets of time to whisk me away for a moment of relaxation with skincare benefits. Despite being such a sheet mask junkie since 2016, Vitamasques were the first sheet masks I’d tried this year. It was a solid reminder that sometimes you need to slow down and take a moment. Don’t get caught up in the rush of the convenience of in-shower face masks being the only option. It also made me realise how energising a power nap could be. Next time, I’ll be adding one of their Eye Slices to soothe my tired eyes that spend most of the day staring at screens.

Having the opportunity to explore the Vitamasques range has not only reminded me that self-care is whatever you want it to be (no judgement) but that “Sheet Mask Sunday” should be reinstated. A weekly date that consists of tea, a power nap and some vitamin-rich skin hydration.

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